What’s The Best Flea Treatment for Cats? This question has been asked by many and becomes a very sensitive topic for discussion because different cats require different treatments with many of them reacting in a variety of ways. You want to make sure that whatever treatment that is given to your cat causes no side effects and works in achieving the desired results. You will be required to maybe test several medications before you find one that works and then you have found a treatment which you can use knowing what results to expect.

Best Flea Treatment for CatsMany “vets” have their opinions on the treatments available however it is said that once-a-month spot-on treatments has had the overall best results. Medications such as Advantage Multi (which contains several safe and active ingredients like imidacloprid and moxidectin) or Revolution (which has an ingredient called has been proven to work very well. The thing with these medications is that they are liquid and are applied on the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades which is import so they cannot lick the medication off.

The questions asked by several who are planning on buying the treatment is how effective are these two choices. Both have been effective enough to not consider the need for the environmental treatments like powdering the environment or using flea shampoo which have been the old methods of curing flea infected cats.

There are a few things to consider before starting any treatment with the most obvious being the current state of your pet and what allergies your cat may have. All medications that contain active ingredients can cause side effects with some of them being much more severe if there are any allergies involved. If you have any problems with the two choices listed above then you can use other alternatives which have been proven to be very effective. For example, Johnsons 4fleas is a very good choice and has been proven to work after 15 minutes and 100% effectiveness in 6 -24 hours. The only problem which has been found using this treatment is that many cats are allergic to some of the ingredients within the medication. As a matter of fact, within trial runs many cats did not show good side effect test results as soon as the application was applied.

Before choosing any medication for your cat, be sure to consult a vet that will be able to recommend something for your cat and also knows the history. Once you get the medication, always read over the booklet with the medication which will thoroughly explain the correct application process.

Finally, start with small doses and if the response if good then what you can do is start to find an external application which can be spread to areas around the house where you cat sleeps and plays to avoid the relapse of fleas from occurring.

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