Having trouble when trimming your pet’s nails? You might want to checkout Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder. It’s been especially designed to trim, shape and smooth dog or cat’s nails effectively and quickly, you won’t believe how many customers have used and are happy with the result. The grinder and rotating machine are the secret components of this unit, nail grinder eliminates your need to use a nail clipper, it offers better and less stressful experience for both of you and your pet. It’s safer to use nail grinder not to mention it is suitable for all breeds of dogs or cats, all professional groomers should own it.

Inside the box of Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder, you’ll find:

  • 2 grinding stones: small and large
  • Nail filer with cord
  • Grinding drum
  • Grit sanding bands
  • Felt polisher
  • Easy change nut
  • Instructions

Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder

If your pet has always been afraid to nail clipper, perhaps you can try to use nail grinder as alternative. The handle of this unit is pretty comfortable to hold, the motor doesn’t make so much noise, in fact, your pet might not notice what you’re about to do to its nails. Yes, Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder can be a bit expensive compared to your conventional nail clipper, but it’s really worth it.

Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Where to buy Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder?

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