Vision 83260 Bird Cage has been designed to suit a variety of birds, they can be small, medium, or large, this model has everything. Keeping owner and the bird in mind, each bird cage from Vision has been carefully designed to provide comfort for you bird, it has to be spacious enough for birds to fly around and the design has to minimize any messy seed and water spillage for easy cleaning.

The small/medium sized cage is ideal for finches, canaries, budgies, or lovebirds, while the large sized cage is perfect for cockatiels or parrots. Each cage comes with 2 seed/water cups, 2 waste shields, and 2 perches. It is made of safe, non-toxic material to ensure your birds are safe inside, its durability withstands any rough birds’ activities

Vision 83260 Bird Cage

The front large doors give you easy access to your bird, they pivot inwards at a 90-degree angle, it functions as a great landing pad for any bird returning from a brief trip outside. The idea here is to let your bird’s waste falls in the base when they return from a day out.

Vision 83260 Bird Cage

Deep base design is a great feature that many bird cage manufacturers don’t even spend time to think about it. This design allows for multiple types of litter, you can choose a litter that suits both you and your bird. The raised ridges on the inside also offer great air circulation while preventing unwanted mildew.

Vision 83260 Bird Cage

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