TRIXIE Wicker Cat Carrier is a beautiful carrier that doubles as your cat bed, unlike those plastic carriers. Many cats love it, it’s an ideal wicker basket to transport your feline friend to the vet or just traveling around. The metal lattice keeps your cat safe inside while it is still be able to look out. Each carrier features strong and sturdy basket, lightweight, and easy to clean (hand washable).

TRIXIE Wicker Cat Carrier

What we really love actually is the texture of the basket, yes, we love wicker, it’s thick and sturdy, tightly wound so that when your cat makes few scratches (we promise you, your cat will scratch) this basket won’t tear apart. The bumpy surface on the inside is the perfect place to insert a cat bed, your cat would love lay on it. That little hole somehow gives the sense of privacy to cat, your furry feline friend would love sneak into it. The handle on top makes it easy for you to carry it around.

TRIXIE Wicker Cat Carrier is available in 2 sizes, one with 45cm bed and the other one with 50cm bed, pretty spacious for your cat to rest. The safe clasp to lock ensures the safety of your cat while at the same time it’s easy for quick release. It’s stylish and nice product, it balances very well when you pick it up unlike other pet cages.

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