Trixie Joy Indoor Run set is a great way to contain your small pet in the house. Instead of small cage, you can offer some space to your hamsters or gerbils to run around inside these multi-coloured varnished bars. You will get 8 elements of 34cm x 24 cm that you can arrange to fit your needs. It’s an ideal unit to allow your little furry friends to get out of their cage whilst still safely containing them, perfect for indoor use and keep your furniture safe. We can guarantee that each element is pretty easy to assembly and taken down, you won’t have any issue in this part. You can also add some accessories inside this playpen such as Trixie Suspension Bridge toy to keep your little entertained for hours.

Impressive, this is the word we’ve heard so many times from happy customers. They can assembly this cage to fit their pet’s size, for example they can assembly smaller cage for hamster or rat, and bigger one for rabbits. Due to its flexibility, we’ve found that this cage comes with very nice price. However, if you own a pretty big rabbit, this cage might not be suitable, because your rabbit can jump out of it and escape, so make sure you pay attention to the height dimension.

Trixie Joy Indoor Run - 34 × 23 cm - 8 Elements

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