Cats love scratching and climbing, so, by giving them Trixie Alicante Cat Tree Activity Centre, you probably give them awesome entertainment centre for years. This unit consists of a cat house, 3 beds, scratching post, and 6 sisal covered posts, perfect to own when you have 1 to 2 cats in the house. This is a great source of fun as well as exercise for your cat, it keeps them mentally stimulated and entertained for hours. You need to make sure you have the space for it, the approx dimensions are: 45 x 45 x 142 cm (L x W x H), 45 x 45 cm for the base, and 43 x 32 x 25 cm for the den. The overall height is 142 cm and overall width is 84 cm.

Cat Bed Scratch Tree Scratching Post Activity Centre With Toys Soft Fleece

Once your cat gets tired of playing around, he/she can get rest inside the house. It’s soft and comfy, good quality product at a reasonable price, isn’t it great? The hole of the house is pretty decent size, unless you have an overly obese cat. This unit comes in parts, some assembly are needed, but it’s quite easy. Some cats might not use it right away, you can use your cat favourite toys or treats to tease your cat to start climbing or use the cat house.

Cat Bed Scratch Tree Scratching Post Activity Centre With Toys Soft Fleece

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