Large and comfortable, Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed is perfect for large dog breed. It features bolster cushion which provides additional support and great for older dogs, giving this bed means you provide your furry mate with luxurious and stylish bed. The beautiful fleece interior offers warm and cosy feel while the outer faux suede will perfectly blend with your existing interior décor, modern and stylish.

Your dog will feel hugged when they sleep on this bed, the bolster cushion supports the head and neck when they lay down, this also benefit elderly dog. In warmer weather, you can reverse the quilted interior cushion, in this way, the fleece will be on the other side and faux suede on the other. Cleaning is also easy breeze, simply unzip and take out the cushions, you can set 30-degree machine wash for soft material; we highly recommend that you follow washing instructions on the product label.

Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

Don’t be surprised when your dog spends hours of relaxing and sleeping on this bed, it’s really comfortable. You might not find your dog sneaking off to sleep on your bed anymore, this bed offers great value for your hard earned money. The quality is unquestionable, well padded and practical, many customers are gladly to recommend this bed to other dog owners. One thing we have to mention here is the great Wolfybeds customer service, they respond pretty fast to ensure you are satisfied with the product. Although Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed features a large size, it doesn’t mean small dog can’t enjoy the luxury, it gives them great space to stretch out and sleep in wide variety of positions.

Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

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  1. October 11, 2013 at 6:57 pm
    Maya the Monster says:

    Always looking for high quality large dog beds- thanks! Gonna check out the whole Wolfybed line.

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