Are you looking for a nice birdcage for your little avian friends? Checkout Liberta Lotus Bird Cage, it’s a spacious cage with elegant design, a new modern home for your bird that features curved roof design. It comes with 3 wooden perches, 4 feeding bowls, and slide out base tray for easy cleaning. Ideally, this cage is perfect for cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies, parakeets, or any other small birds. This stylish cage is constructed from non-toxic powder coated wrought iron, very sturdy, the base is attached securely to the cage by 2 plastic grips. The dimensions are 0.46m (W) x 0.36m (D) x 0.92m (H), it weighs 5kg with 12mm bar spacing.

Liberta Lotus Bird Cage

Liberta Lotus Bird Cage comes in parts, but it’s easy to assemble. Accessing your bird shouldn’t be an issue, there are 2 large doors that you can use to get easy access inside the cage, the other 6 small doors can be used to hang food bowls on or when you need to replace the food/water or toys. Since there’s plenty of room, you can purchase additional toys and accessories to keep your bird entertained.

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