Completely hypoallergenic, Skinners Field and Trial Duck and Rice Dry Mix is free from gluten (wheat gluten, barley gluten, and maize gluten), soya, and other dairy products. It’s a great dog food for sensitive working dogs, as you read the formula inside this product has been especially formulated to exclude any known ingredients that might cause allergies. From the product’s name, you probably already can guess that the main ingredient is wholesome goodness of duck, it also contains rice, naked oats, all essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It has everything that your dog needs to maintain its health, vitality and stamina. Aside from that, this dog food also provides energy, vitality, and healthy coat. In order to protect your dog’s joints, this product also contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Skinners Field and Trial Duck and Rice Dry Mix

Some people might say this product gives tummy problems, but many of dogs don’t have these issues. It’s a fact that you can’t expect one food can suit all dogs, just like humans, they are all individuals. If you are currently feeding different type of food, we strongly suggest you to gradually change the food, in this way, your dog stomach can cop with the change. It’s not wise to simply replace the food with a new one all at once.

Skinners Field and Trial Duck and Rice Dry Mix is free from artificial colours or preservatives. Many customers are happy with this product as their dogs are healthy and fit with nice, glossy coats and firm stools. It’s an affordable dog food with great quality, it’s really worth to try.

Where to buy Skinners Field and Trial Duck and Rice Dry Mix?
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