If you plan to save more money, checkout Simple Solution Economy Training Pads that come in boxes of 100, great value for consumers who want to save their hard earned money. The pad has super absorbent feature which makes it excellent candidate for house training your puppy. The large size is very ideal for easy access, trapping odours and the plastic backing and sealed edges help protecting your precious floors or carpets. It can also be useful for ill pets that are confined in the house, or you can use it inside the carrier or crate.

Both dogs and cats can use these pads, some cats due to medical condition prefer to use this instead of their litter tray. You can also purchase in smaller pack, however, many customers advise you to get the bulk pack since you would get much cheaper price.

Simple Solution Economy Training Pads

You can use these training pads for training new puppies, it would be easy thanks to its formulated triple action scent, it helps your puppies to know where to go. Special formula has been used, a mixture of synthetic pheromones and attractant scents, thus, don’t be surprised when your little pals use the pad to do their business instantly.

Where to buy Simple Solution Economy Training Pads?
Pet Supermarket

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