It’s cat natural instinct to scratch, instead of ruining your beautiful furniture, Sharples-n-Grant Playpost Cat Scratcher would be a great post for your feline friend to scratch. The price itself is very reasonable, in fact, you’ll find the price is a great value for your hard earned money. Your cat will go crazy over this, it keeps him or her entertained for hours, impressive. It measures 29cm (length) x 39cm (width) x 29cm (height) with stand up design, move the ball, it will entice your cat to play with. One thing we need to remind you is to place this scratcher away from your furniture, you definitely don’t want to get your furniture scratched by accident during rough play. If you own multiple cats, they can play together, there’s no need to purchase multiple scratcher, they will get along just fine. You can also hang your cat’s favourite toy just in case the ball doesn’t interest him/her.

Sharples-n-Grant Playpost Cat Scratcher

From : Sharples ‘n Grant

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