Sharples & Grant Soft-n-Snug To Fit Bed is a perfect companion for Sharples & Grant plastic bed, however, it can be the same luxurious padded plush for most pet beds. It’s available in different size options, from 40cm to 95cm, if your pet already has a bed, adding this insert will provide more warmth, luxury, and comfort that your furry mate deserves, they can have a comfortable place to rest.

When it’s time to do the cleaning, remember, you can easily remove it in seconds, this product is machine washable at 30-degrees, then you have to tumble it dry on low heat. However, according to several customers, this item doesn’t go back to its original shape after a wash, but even so, dogs are crazy about it, they love snuggle in it, that’s why many customers buy this product over and over again. Both dogs and cats love this, in fact, you might find them snuggle in their bed longer and more often.

Sharples & Grant Soft-n-Snug To Fit Bed

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