Scruffs Ranger Donut Pet Bed is a cosy high sided bed for your dog, it gives your dog a feeling of privacy while the super-soft plush lining offers optimum comfort. It features antique effect faux suede outer, the inner cushion is filled with a thermal polyester fibre, giving a nice lavish feel. The embroidered logo adds a great touch to complete the bed detailing. There are 3 different size options you can choose from: 46cm, 61cm, and 76cm with 2 color choices: brown and black.

Scruffs Ranger Donut Pet Bed

This modern dog bed has non-slip base to prevent moving around on the floor, elderly dog would really appreciate the bed, especially when your dog loves to curl up and be cosy. Don’t worry about the base cushion, at first you might think it’s too small but once your dog climb in and settle down, it fits nicely because it has pretty chubby shape.

Scruffs Ranger Donut Pet Bed

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