Sammy Black & Beige Pet Bed is a soft and cushy bed for dog or cat, its polyester fleece filling provides great comfort for your furry pal. Once you open the box, and place the bed on the floor, we’re pretty sure your dog or cat would jump and sit on it. This pet bed is washable by hand up to 30°C, brilliant product that provides comfort for your furry friend, even the box will be loved by cats. We can say it’s a donut pet bed, the higher cushion that surrounds your pet provides great privacy and sense of security. In fact, don’t be surprised when both your dog and cat snuggle comfortably in it, usually they would lay their heads on the outer circle, pretty cute.

It’s an inexpensive product with quality, just in case you are looking for to purchase multiple pet bed with cheaper price, we recommend this one. It’s an adorable bed adored by cats, warm and cosy.

Sammy Black & Beige Pet Bed

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