Keeping your pet’s nails short is an important part in grooming, checkout Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Nail Clipper for a good and comfortable tool. There are 2 size options: small and large to fit the size of your dogs or cats. The ergonomic hand grip allows you to control the accurate clipping, pretty sharp, you can easily keep your pet’s nails round and smooth with its high quality stainless steel cutting blades. It’s a small yet fantastic product, with the price offered here, you’ll get a sharp and easy to use clippers.

It really is a good product, but please remember not to cut too deep as you don’t want to cause bleeding and distress. This clipper is pretty sharp so one snip is perfect since you would have problem with a wriggley cat, quick and clean, even before your pet knew what had happened. The product is well packaged and the lock keeps them together when not in use.

Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Nail Clipper

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