You and your dog would get extra safety by installing Rosewood Dog Car Guard in your car. We really love the sliding door design, it provides emergency access or safe evacuation of your dog in the event of collision, you can access the rear part of the vehicle from inside. You can also place long items without having to remove the guard, such as a broom. This unit will arrive fully assembled, all you have to do is simply extend it sideways and fit the legs. It offers great quality, really sturdy and easy to fit, you don’t need any tool to install this unit.

This unit dimensions are 132cm x 4cm x 42cm, so please make sure that you do some measurements to ensure it would fit your car perfectly. Although you can actually lengthen and shorten the side panels so that this unit fits most car, we still prefer that you take some precautions steps. It’s an ideal guard to install when you have lively and super active dog, it keeps your dog to stay at its own place and avoid any interruption when you’re driving.

Rosewood Dog Car Guard

The design of Rosewood Dog Car Guard is pretty simple yet so effective. However, we also notice small issue, it rattles a lot due to some loose items. Just in case you feel annoyed with this noise, you can solve this by placing some tapes or other similar material to at least reduce the noise. Once you install this in your car, you don’t have to worry about your dog climbing over the seats while you’re driving.

Rosewood Dog Car Guard

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