Let’s make summer days more comfortable to our furry friends by giving them this Prestige Cool Coat for Dogs. It’s a water activated cool coat to keep your dog cool (not wet) in a hot day, it’s light and soft, they are certainly comfortable to wear. This coat is an ideal apparel to wear when doing exercising and weight management or enjoying the great outdoor. The coolness comes from the water, you have to put this coat in the water for about few minutes, make sure that you have made it really wet then take it out and squeeze all excess water and leave the coat cool but not wet. This coat will keep all the moisture within and keep your dog cool and dry until the moisture evaporates away.

Prestige Cool Coat for Dogs

Please remember not to leave your dog in the car in hot weather even though the dog’s wearing this coat. Because after sometime, the coat will dry out and stiffen, you need to sink it in the water again and it’ll work just the same as before. This means you can use it over and over again, but please ensure the coat is fully dry before storing away.

Prestige Cool Coat for Dogs

Prestige Cool Coat for Dogs will keep your dog comfortable, cool, and can enjoy itself. The coat is pretty soft when damp, there are different sizes and colours to choose from. Heat can be pretty rough for certain dog, that’s why this coat is a brilliant product, you can always carry it with you (and water) anywhere.

Prestige Cool Coat for Dogs

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