Keep your dog entertained all day long with Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Finder, not only it is an addictive game for your furry pal, it also helps your dog to become smarter. It’s an innovative dog toy that teaches your dog to think, there are treats on it but your dog have to move blocks in four different directions in order to get the reward. Your job is to hide those treats under each block, simply lift the block up at the end of each track, there’s a hollow space you can use to keep the treats.

Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Finder

Together, you and your dog will have a nice time playing with it, your job is to place the treats and then watch, your dog job is to find the treats. Your dog looks adorable, especially when he/she learns to move the block with its paw or nose into different directions. You can also help your dog to understand simple commands such as: back off, wait, sit, go ahead, etc. Praise your dog every time he/she gets it right. This is a great toy to mentally stimulate your dog’s brain, it brings you two closer as well.

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