Is your dog smart? You can test your furry friend’s intelligence with Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Activity Toy. This interactive game is fun for both of you, your dog is encouraged to think actively and solve problems while you as the owner watch your cute dog’s trying to figure out how to get the treats. You can also help your dog to play with this toy, it’s a great interaction between the two of you to promote bonding, the toy itself is pretty tough and heard wearing.

This toy requires your dog to dislodge those removable bones in order to slide covers and get access to hidden treats, pretty cool toy isn’t it? The level of difficulty can be varied, it depends on your dog’s experience and enthusiasm, I’m sure your dog can master this game in short period of time.

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Activity Toy

This dog brick toy features anti-slip feet to prevent any movements while your dog is playing. It is suitable for all ages and sizes of dog, it’s like a brain gym for your furry friend. There’s a DVD that you watch to learn how to use and adapt your dog playing with it, most customers agree that buying toy is money well spent. One suggestion is that you vary the treats in order to keep your dog interested in playing.

Where to buy Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Activity Toy?

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