House training your puppy shouldn’t be really hard with Mikki Puppy Toilet Training Pads. We really love the color changing technology, it tells you when your puppy needs changing, nice heh? The non slip pads help to keep puppy pads in place, it keeps your furniture, carpets or flooring safe from any puppy accidents. Each pad is scented to help your puppy find them easily, its extra absorbent helps a lot in protecting your precious carpets. Many customers love the fact that the pad is pretty thick and absorb liquid so quickly, they are really worth your hard earned money compared to other brands which are pretty thin.

Mikki Puppy Toilet Training Pads

Most breeders tell you to simply use newspaper on the floor to train your puppy to go the toilet on. Trust me, it’s a bad bad idea, first of all, newspaper can’t stop urine soaking to the floor and second of all, you might make your dog to think your morning newspaper is the place to go poop.

Using these training pads would be a smart idea, it might take sometimes to get your dog used to it but most of the time, your dog understands the concept. The scent really helps in the training process, but don’t worry, it’s not the type of scent that you will notice as human.

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