Masta Waterproof Dog Coat keeps your dog warm and dry during rainy days or winter months. This waterproof nylon coat features reflective strip on the front to keep your dog visible under low light condition to ensure its safety. The high quality material ensures this coat lasts for very long time, we can assure you it’s a good value for your hard earned money. It keeps the wet off your best pal, please making sure that you measure your dog correctly to get the coat that fits your furry friend.

Masta Waterproof Dog Coat

Each coat has been designed to be pretty stylish we must say. Available in different colors, from red, yellow, blue and black, you might want to get them all if you love mix and match with your own outfit. This is a great quality coat, easy to use and has reasonable price.

Just in case you didn’t know, Masta is the company that known for its horse rug, so we can say that they know how to keep your pet warm and dry. We really love the robust feel of Velcro and buckle attachment, inside the sheepskin fleece feels really comfortable, making Masta Waterproof Dog Coat is perfect for your cute best friend.

Masta Waterproof Dog Coat

Masta Waterproof Dog Coat

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