Do you want to place a small aquarium on your desktop? You might want to checkout Marina 360 Aquarium Kit. Its dimensions (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) are small enough to be place on your desk, giving you a nice view of your fish when you’re tired doing all those works. It’s a modern fish tank with 360-degree view, easy to setup, including the discreet inbuilt filter.

One cool thing about this tank is the advanced LED lighting, it allows you to create bright daylight setting or blue-tinted nighttime lighting, it looks really cool. It might look like made of glass, but it’s not. It’s actually made of PERSPEX, you can easily take it apart for cleaning and maintenance, the housing unit contains a pump, filter, and led lighting.

Marina 360 Aquarium Kit

This 10-liter aquarium doesn’t need much space, that’s why it’s ideal for countertops, desktops, or any other small spaces. Take a closer look at the detail, the plastic edges are light-green tinted, it’s a thoughtful way to simulate real grass. The small pump works by drawing water from the bottom and cycling it back at the top end for a nice subtle flow, it creates nice water circulation at rate of 150-liters/hour. There are 2 filter cartridges that collect water waste as well as provide biological filtration, in this way, the water will stay clean and healthy for your fish and plants. You can set it up as a cold or tropical environment, but you need a small heater which is sold separately.

Marina 360 Aquarium Kit

Marina 360 Aquarium Kit

Where to buy Marina 360 Aquarium Kit?
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