Lots of people get a lot of fulfillment from their particular parrot. Needless to say, with the pleasure of having a parrot like a pet comes a lot of responsibility. Among all of the particulars that you need to be responsible for is the bird cage.

The cage I’d like to speak about right now is the Liberta Drake cage, I really like this series of cages from this brand. The particular Liberta Drake Parrot Cage and Stand is suitable for those medium sized parrots. It can be utilized as an open or even closed-top parrot or bird cage and is made of durable wrought iron. This cage provides outstanding quality, style and also comes with reasonable price. It includes a stand for your cage and also smooth castor wheels for easy transport when you need to move this cage from one room to another. This parrot cage features 152 x 63 x 53 cm dimension, spacious enough for your medium sized birds.

Liberta Medium Drake Parrot Cage and Stand

This unit comes with 3 stainless feeder bowls, 2 wooden perches, and also useful under storage. In addition, it includes a slide out tray to make cleaning your bird’s cage easy breeze.

Liberta Medium Drake Parrot Cage and Stand

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