Playing fetch with your dog is fun, especially when you use Kong Air Squeakair Ball. What makes this ball so special? Well, first of all, it’s a combination of dog favourite toys: tennis ball and squeaker toy. Inside this tennis ball, there’s a squeaker unit hidden and covered perfectly that you can see at the surface is a clean ordinary tennis ball. It’s an ideal toy to play fetch and interact with your dog, non-toxic toy with great durability. The company claims that due to high quality material, this ball won’t wear down your dog’s teeth.

Kong Air Squeakair Ball

Kong Air Squeakair Ball floats on water, so you can take it with you to play games at the beach. It’s bouncy and squeak, a combination that will drive any dog crazy. Kong balls are known for its quality and usually have higher price as well, but it delivers what it promises. Compared to other balls from different brands, this one lasts for ages, even for dogs with strong jaws, it can handle them. Most customers claim that once they introduce this ball to their dogs, the ball instantly becomes their dogs’ favourite toy. You might want to keep extra ball in the car, in this way, you will always carry your dog’s favourite toy anywhere both of you go.

Kong Air Squeakair Ball

Kong Air Squeakair Ball

Where to buy Kong Air Squeakair Ball?

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