A fresh taste of white fish combined with rice, that’s why many dogs love James Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish and Rice Kibble for Adult Dog. Each kibble is hypo-allergenic without any unhealthy additives, low in histamine, full of natural goodness to maintain your dog’s health. Since it’s made with white fish, this dog food contains high omega 3 fatty acids, a component which is vital to maintain optimum health, any necessary dietary fibre is fulfilled by peas and chicory. It also contains olive oil that gives delicious taste, basically the combination of white fish, brown and pearl rice, and whole barley make each kibble crunchy and tasty, that’s why your dogs will love this so much.

We love the fact that James Wellbeloved uses olive oil in the ingredient, because this oil has mono-unsaturated content compared to other oils, a great component for healthy Mediterranean diet. If you have a dog with very sensitive stomach and picky eater, you should try this product, it is gently on your dog’s digestion, many customers have found this brand works well for their fussy eater dogs.

James Wellbeloved Dog Food Ocean White Fish and Rice Kibble for Adult Dog

We highly recommend that you purchase in bulk to save more money. It’s a great value for your heard earned money, no more wastage and you still can left them in the bowl for hours yet it would still taste great to your dog. It doesn’t feel greasy or too dry, just perfect. But we need to remind you that dogs tend to drink a lot more when they eat dry food, so please make sure fresh water is available all the time, especially when you leave the house for hours.

James Wellbeloved has been known for its high quality pet food, they avoid any ingredients known to cause food allergies, no beef or port, wheat gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, and even soya. The price says everything about their quality, it doesn’t contain any cheap ingredients or artificial appetite enhancers. It is ideal for dogs that suffer from skin irritations, food intolerances, and have delicate digestions. You do might feel mild fish smell, but don’t worry, as soon as your dog empty its bowl, the smell disappears as well.

Where to buy James Wellbeloved Dog Food Ocean White Fish and Rice Kibble?

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