Interpet Prime Gravel CleanerIf you use gravel for your fish tank, you definitely need Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner. This simple tool has been designed to separate and remove debris easily from aquarium gravel. It features easy start main action to ensure easy to use every single time. There are 4 sizes available for you to choose from: mini, small, medium and large. Each of them features wide mouth nozzle/foot, in this way, this tool provides faster and efficient gravel cleaning, even hard to reach places can be cleaned with ease.

If this is the first time you use Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner, it might take quiet a while to get used to it, but once you get the idea, it works faster than you’d think. Don’t worry about your fish, the suction of the head is not that powerful to harm your aquatic pet but it’s enough to lift the gravel.

We suggest you to wiggle this tool down to the bottom, any movements will allow the gravel to release any solid waste or debris trapped underneath. This is a great product to maintain clean fish tank, however, the water might get sucked up too fast, a customer suggest that you use your thumb at the other end of the pipe to slow it down. Once you are familiar with it, you’ll know how easy to use Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner.

Where to buy Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner?

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