Interpet Fish Pod is a nice fish tank for tropical fish and for a new fish owner. It’s a complete set of aquarium to help you keeping fish easier and more successful. It features beautiful curved glass to provide you with great panoramic view with easy-to-care filtration system for clear and healthy water. It also comes with Bioactive Tapsafe for quick and easy start up, well, basically you get everything you need to start your coldwater aquarium. The tropical upgrade kit allows both a beginner and experienced fish owner great flexibility, you would be happy to know it also has night/day lighting options, thus, allowing this aquarium to bring out great colours of aquatic world while keeping plants (not included) healthy and your fish looking gorgeous.

Interpet Fish Pod Aquarium

Interpet PF2 internal filter works pretty great in keeping the water clean, the heater/thermostat comes in conventional glass tube shape which unfortunately sometimes creates condensation in it (you can ask replacement under warranty). The filter works pretty quiet and many customers have agreed that it keeps the tank clean for a very long time, a low maintenance aquarium, it sounds good, doesn’t it? Water changing won’t be an issue, thanks to hinged lid design. In conclusion, Interpet Fish Pod is a complete aquarium set for beginners that last for years with low maintenance.

Interpet Fish Pod Aquarium

Interpet Fish Pod Aquarium

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