If you are fond of sleek designs and decency for pet cage, there is a good product available in the market for your cats or small pets: Igloo Pets Ltd 2-in-1 Carrier. The color variety is impressive because you will be able to choose a pet cage of your choice. Go for pink if you love all things pink. Go for blue if you are a boy and love blue. Go for Persian pink, Alaskan blue, tundra grey, perfect purple, sunrise yellow, and sunset orange options as well if you like

The strong plastic body of the cage makes it beautiful. There is an air passage on top and a door that has locks. You can slide the door and lock it whenever your pet is inside the cage. The Locks are very reliable, so neither your pet will break the door to run away, nor any enemy of your pet will be able to open this carrier and attack your pet. Door, locks and air passage area are colored and differ in each product, the rest of the body has white color which remains the same in all similar designs of the pet cage.

Igloo Pets Ltd 2-in-1 Carrier

The cage is made up of strong plastic so you can easily carry your pet with you. It’s highly portable and it comes with removable privacy plate. You can easily clean the mess inside the cage as its lower end part can be separated from the holding part. Please make sure that you don’t carry any heavy materials in the cage because it’s only made for pets. Jokes apart, this product is good for keeping your cat or dog safe and you can keep them clean any time of the day whenever needed.

Igloo Pets Ltd 2-in-1 Carrier

This carrier is manufactured in the UK and ensures maximum health safety for both the pet and the human. It uses less space and can be placed wherever desirable, it can be taken to other cities and countries as well. You can place this carrier under the sun without any worry because the plastic material used in making the cage is much resistant to heat.

Igloo Pets Ltd 2-in-1 Carrier

Where to buy Igloo Pets Ltd 2-in-1 Carrier?
Amazon UK
Pet Supermarket

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