Looking for a carrier to transport your pet? Checkout Happy PetGear Pet Carrier that offers good quality pet carrier, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. There are 2 ventilations at the top and sides for great air circulation as well as visibility. At this price, you get a great deal, it’s a great carrier to take your pet when it’s time to visit the vet. There’s a little feeding bowl inside you can use to keep your dog’s treat. There are 2 sizes that you can choose: regular (33cm H x 30cm W x 48cm D) and large (39cm H x 35cm W x 58cm D). For a small dog, regular size is pretty spacious, your pet would feel comfortable in it.

Happy PetGear Pet Carrier

Happy PetGear Pet Carrier features durable metal door which is easy to open and very secure to keep your pet safe inside. The door can only be opened from the outside, so there’s no way your pet can open it from inside by accident. We highly recommend that you place a blanket inside to make your pet more comfortable. The sturdy material will certainly make this cage last for a long time, but if the company could create a wide variety of colors, that would be great. Many customers are pleased with this cage, definitely worth the price.

Where to buy Happy PetGear Pet Carrier?

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