Are you considering a reptile for a pet? We recommend you to checkout Hagen Exo Terra PT2265 Standard Faunarium. It’s an all-purpose terrarium for reptiles, mice, insects, and even amphibians. You can easily transport your pet inside this unit, it also works great as temporary housing or quarantine. The handle makes it easy to carry while the transparent plastic door allows for easy access to remove or place animals inside. This unit is very easy to clean and disinfect, you can also stack them to save more space. It measures 36.83cm (L) x 22.09cm (W) x 24.38cm (H) for the large version, but there are different size options you can choose to suit your pet.

Hagen Exo Terra PT2265 Standard Faunarium

Don’t worry about ventilation, even when you stack these terrariums, your pet would still get optimal air-flow at all times, thanks to angled ventilation design.

You can keep your snakes, spiders, scorpions, geckos, or millipedes, this container will keep them safe. The lid is pretty sturdy, that’s why you can stack these units without a problem.

Hagen Exo Terra PT2265 Standard Faunarium

Where to buy Hagen Exo Terra PT2265 Standard Faunarium?

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