If you enjoy the company of wild birds then you should get Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit to attract wide variety birds in your house. These little guests can make beautiful noise, chirping and singing happily while enjoying your treats. This feeding station is made of high quality material with its full height about 226cm and 58cm wide above the ground, the decorative finial and four hooks look really beautiful. Aside from its great look, this unit also comes with all the accessories and feeders you need: peanut feeder, 2 seed feeders and suet feast feeder. You can also place a water bowl on the bath support ring to allow those wild birds enjoy cool bath in the morning.

Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit with 4 Feeders

Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit not only looks superior but also very sturdy as well, very easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions, you’ll be fine. Just in case you still have doubt, this product has been approved by the British Trust for Ornithology and Birdcare Standards Association. Each kit comes with peanut feeder, 2-seed feeders, suet feast feeder, also it has a bath area (with bath support ring) so that you bird can also enjoy a nice bath. Don’t worry about the appearance, those feeders are well designed and match beautifully to the frame. CLICK HERE to check the rating and specifications, you’ll also find a nice price which pretty hard to beat.

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