Do you want to know what your pet’s doing when you’re away? Well, you can do that with G-Paws GPS Data Recorder. It’s a unique GPS tracker that records data of your pet activities such as how far / how fast your pet runs when off the lead, how far your cat sneaks out every night, etc.

This little device is lightweight and weatherproof, it weighs just about 12gram, your pet won’t notice when you put this in its collar. The soft silicone rubber case can be easily popped in and out of any sized collar, you can also use 2 Velcro straps for oversized collars.

G-Paws GPS Data Recorder

G-Paws GPS Data Recorder uses a high sensitivity, multi-channel GPS receiver that accurately detects and records your pet position every 5-seconds. In this way, you can easily figure out where your pet location and to know whether they have enough exercise or not. There’s a “tracklog” that is kept on the unit with capacity of hundreds of journeys, you can download the file as a GPX file and upload the data to share with other pets’ adventures. You don’t have to worry about the memory, when it’s full, it’ll automatically over-write the oldest log.

G-Paws GPS Data Recorder

One fully charged device can operate up to 8 hours of continuous use. There’s a motion-detector in the GPS chip that can save power when your pet doesn’t move for 5 minutes, e.g. resting or sleeping. also functions as a pet social network where you can create your pet’s profile and upload all their adventures.

CLICK HERE to get more details about G-Paws GPS Data Recorder to keep you updated about your pet’s movements outdoors.

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