Pets, especially that have long hair, will always shed. It would be a problem when they live indoors with you, that’s why pet owners need to have FURminator Dog DeShedding Tool. This powerful tool is the solution of shedding problems, it reduces shedding by up to 90-percent, it works great on both long and short haired pets, that means you can use it on your dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and more.

Hundreds of happy customers don’t lie, this tool is a gold standard when it comes controlling your pet hair. This brand is the most effective deShedding tool in the market at the moment, it is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than your conventional tools such as comb, rake, or brush.

FURminator Dog DeShedding Tool

For best result, it is highly recommended that you use FURminator after washing and drying, you can use it on completely dry coat. It removes bad hair and leaves only healthy coat and skin, it can drastically reduce excess shedding. Please make sure that you remove any tangles or mats before using this tool, then gently stroke across your pet’s coat in the same direction of hair growth, just like when you brush them. You need to angle the stainless steel teeth of this tool’s edge toward the coat. Please don’t use excessive strokes in one area, or using it too much pressure, it might cause your pet’s skin to become irritated. Press the FURejector button to remove excess hair from the teeth of deShedding tool. It’s available in different sizes, choose wisely depending on your pet size for best result.

Where to buy FURminator Dog DeShedding Tool?
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