Cat lovers would already know about Feliway, but for new cat owner, you might want to know about this magic feline facial pheromone. Feliway offers you the first natural solution for cats that have anxiety issue, this problem usually rises due to changes in their environment. Your cat might pee on the carpet, slippers, floor, or rugs, they are usually afraid to be left alone, they will follow you wherever you go around the house. This innovative product has been proven to be highly effective to prevent any unwanted behaviour, such as scratching or urine marking, or any other problems related with transportation.

Feliway Natural Spray Bottle

Feliway Natural Spray Bottle makes it easy to carry when you travelling with your cat, it helps to reduce your feline friend stress in its new environment. For any cat, the best possible solution to eliminate their fear is familiar environment, because fear in cat usually triggers normal behaviour but usually is considered inappropriate by human. This synthetic feline facial pheromone helps to reproduce familiarisation feeling which is normally produced by cats when they release their own facial pheromone in their environment. You can spray just 1 pump of this product in an area prior 15 minutes your cat enters the room, you can also spray it on the chairs, doors, or tables. This magic liquid mimics cat’s natural pheromone to make cats feel safe and comfortable even in unfamiliar environment.

Just like we said earlier, Feliway is a great product to reduce behaviour problem in cats such as destructive scratching, urine marking, or loss in appetite. When you want to travel with your cat and plan to keep your feline friend inside its cage, we highly recommend that you spray this product inside the cage 15 minutes before you put your cat in it. It helps your cat to feel calm and relax.

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