To keep your fish healthy, you need to keep the water clean. Elite Stingray Underwater Filter is quiet and reliable underwater filter which can be very easy to maintain, especially for someone new in fish keeping. Each unit offers efficient and effective mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration that improves the overall water quality through a single compact unit. It is completed with zeo-carb and foam filter media along with a convenient flip top cover, thus making cleaning and replacement easy breeze.

There are 3 models available of this filtration system: Elite Stingray 5 (ideally for aquarium up to 5 gallons or 19 litres with 120 litres/hour flow rate), Elite Stingray 10 (ideally for aquarium up to 10 gallons or 37.8 litres with 200 litres/hour flow rate), and Elite Stingray 15 (ideally for aquarium up to 15 gallons or 57 litres with 300 litres/hour flow rate).

Elite Stingray Underwater Filter

It doesn’t matter what model your aquarium is, this filter from Hagen has been designed to fit any type and style of aquarium, it comes with multi-directional water flow output. Not only this type of filter works great and quiet, Elite Stingray Underwater Filter also looks pretty good too.

One more thing we need to address here, there’s a small 0.5cm gap between the glass and filter which might injure your small fish such as guppy or tetra or danio. It doesn’t happen with adult fish, but the small one, be careful, your fish might die, because let’s face it, fish does explore anything without thinking. There’s a solution that someone has suggested you to try, you can use non-toxic sheet of silicon, simply tuck it in the space between the glass and filter or stuff filter wool behind it to keep those little fishes explore that gap.

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