Spacious and sturdy, Easipet Fabric Pet Carrier is an ideal unit for transporting your pet from one location to another. It features extra large size: 81cm x 58cm x 58cm, so if you’re looking to provide extra space for your pet so that it feels comfortable inside this portable home, then you have a winner. The fabric material is lightweight yet pretty sturdy, you can easily set up and fold flat for easy storage, the tubular steel frame hold the carrier strong. There are a lot of ventilation, those 4 curtains can be rolled up and down, mesh windows on all 4 sides, 3 openings (side, end, and top) for easy access. You will also get a custom made faux sheepskin bed to ensure your pet has the ultimate comfort while in it.

Easipet Fabric Pet Carrier

Available in different sizes, including small, medium, and large, you can choose the one that fits your pet’s size. Some pets can be hesitating to crawl inside this carrier, just leave the sides open and throw some treats and toys to attract your dog to try it. Some people don’t even use it as travel cage but more as a bed, well, it works just as great actually. Easipet Fabric Pet Carrier is ideal soft cage to carry with you on a camp with your dog.

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