Clean your dog’s poop without bending down using Company of Animals Arms Length. Yep, it’s a convenient way to clean up after dogs, this plastic tool is easy to assemble as well as use, especially if you suffer from a back pain. You can use it on any surfaces, the alternative grass rake and flat scoop option on the other side are certainly nice additions. When you’re done, you can clip together these tools for easy storage. If only the company designed this product with a hanging hook at the top, it would be easy for me to hang it when it’s clipped together.

Company of Animals Arms Length

Still not sure? Imagine when you walk your dog in the park. Suddenly, your dog is pooping. You have to clean up after him, don’t you? Imagine bending down to clean up the mess and you have to do it again when your dog poops again. This tool is definitely a nice companion, it’s pretty light, so elderly people won’t have an issue carrying it.

Company of Animals Arms Length

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