Train your dog to do some cool tricks or just follow your order using Clix Multi Clicker Dog Puppy Training. Your dog recognizes the clicking sound, it has adjustable volume tone control so that you can set it up to match your dog sound’s sensitivity. The training guide is pretty handy especially if this is the first time you train a dog.

It’s a simple tool, really, but the concept of clicking this tool while training your dog makes the process easy to get your dog attention. I personally use it to train my dog to shake hand, high-five or perform sweet stand so I can tell it works very effective. Don’t forget to carry your dog favorite treats, give it to your dog after he performs the act that you want great motivation.

Clix Multi Clicker Dog Puppy Training

Basically this tool is just a button with a piece of metal that makes noise when you click it. You can teach your dog to do simple to tricky things, from give paw, sit, lie down, high five, to play dead. You can also find awesome clicker training guide from Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koeste, CLICK HERE.

The concept is, click then treat, it’s really that simple. But for some tricks, you need some tips or guides on how to make your dog to do it even when he doesn’t feel like it. Once your dog gets the idea, all you have to do is say the words, he’ll do what you want.

Where to buy Clix Multi Clicker Dog Puppy Training?

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