Engage your cat with CatIt Senses Play Circuit, it satisfies cat’s natural instinct to hunt a prey, in this case grey and green ball. It’s like an activity centre to indulge your cat’s senses of sound, sight, taste, feel as well as smell which are used when hunting prey. Trust us, as soon your cat sees this toy, it won’t leave the toy alone, your cat can go nuts over it. This cat toy is very well designed and developed to enable to you construct in a few different ways, the holes and lots are in perfect size for cats to use their paws to push or swipe the ball but won’t get it out the track.

CatIt Senses Play Circuit For Cats Kittens Pets Play

Each set of CatIt Senses Play Circuit consists of:

  • Peek-a-Boo Track (approx. 110cm long): a track where cat can see, chase and touch the ball
  • Grey and green ball that becomes the magnet to your cat’s attention. You can also choose to purchase additional illuminating ball.

The feature we like about this circuit is the ability to extend, yes, you can purchase additional elements to extend this track and make playing more fun to your feline friend. CatIt Senses Play Circuit keeps your cat entertained and stayed out of trouble.

Where to buy CatIt Senses Play Circuit?

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