Pamper your cat with CatIt Senses Massage Centre, this cat toy helps stimulate and clean teeth and gums at the same time. It’s going to be an instant hit with your cat, it attracts cat’s sense of touch from its variety of textures. That ripple massage offers a great massage to cat’s neck, face areas and head, it brings great pleasure to the cat, yes, cats love nice rubbing on those areas. We’re pretty sure your cat would also love Accu-pressure mat which gives pressure point paw massage. Since this unit comes in pieces, you need to assemble it before your cat can enjoy it.

CatIt Senses Massage Centre

Cats would enjoy being massaged, it relaxes them. The gum stimulator is filled with catnip, thus making your cat can’t stay away from it. It satisfies cat’s requirements of stimulating its gums. Don’t be surprised when your cat doesn’t bother your anymore, the cat probably prefers rubbing itself with the help from CatIt Senses Massage Centre.

Look how cute your cat is, holding the massage centre as their new found love. It would be pretty hard to keep your cat away from it, but it’s a great entertainment for you too.

CatIt Senses Massage Centre

CatIt Senses Massage Centre

Where to buy CatIt Senses Massage Centre?

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