Challenge your cat to get its food through the maze using Catit Senses Food Maze. This product is meant to intrigue your cat curious sense, it stimulates a cat’s playful nature, pretty fun to watch as well. Your cat would need to move the food through the maze until it falls at the bottom, you can tell its ability to solve the problem, once your cat masters it, you can set to the next level of difficulty. It’s a smart way to feed your cat, your cat will learn to use its paws through the openings, over and over again until the food is dispensed to the food tray.

You probably wonder why you need to have your cat to go through this difficulty just to get its food, well, this maze helps keeping your cat to physically and mentally stimulated, no more over eating. Consequently, we recommend you to purchase Catit Senses Food Maze only when your cat is over weight or need some exercises.

Catit Senses Food Maze

Some cats can eat a lot of food in seconds, you can slow down the process using Catit Senses Food Maze, it helps your cat to eat in moderation for healthy digestion or avoiding stomach issue from eating too fast. It’s really entertaining as well watching your cat at work, once your cat realize that he or she has to do some efforts before getting its food, she’ll get the idea. This food maze is pretty solid, it would be pretty difficult for your cat to knock it over since the rubber ring at the bottom holds it pretty well in place.

Catit Senses Food Maze

Where to buy Catit Senses Food Maze?

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