Gorgeous and superb Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier offers an ultimate multi-functional carrier system. Each product has been designed to ensure it meets all the standard and flight requirements, so yeah, you can travel by air and carry your pet with you safely. Even though it’s meant for cats, it doesn’t mean that dog can’t use it, it’ll work great for toy breed dogs thanks to its superior safety feature. Placing your pet inside this carrier should be easy breeze, a nice accommodation for your pet on-the-go.

It has a front door and top opening, making it easy to access your cat, most people don’t even bother to open the door, they use the top lid because it’s much easier and less struggle from your furry companion. You can also train your cat to climb in by itself, all you have to do is open the lid, let them in, then close and secure the lid.

Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Safety is the top priority, Cabrio is designed to be secured in your car with a conventional seatbelt. The integrated moulded handle and shoulder strap would make it easy to carry around. It’s so comfortable that even when not being used, this carrier can be used to house water or food bowl in your home (you need to remove the front door, it’s removable). The collection gutter that goes all the way around the base is really handy for spilled water or any little accidents. The front door also houses a tray that you can use to place treats as well, long journey should be fun for your pet as well. Great thing is, you can re-fill the treat without opening the front door, avoiding your cat runs off the cage.

Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier

With Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier, you can take your pet with you anywhere you go, from train, boat, car, or plane. It keeps your cat safe and convenient. Even though this unit is airline approved, we highly recommend that you check the item to meet your airline’s requirements prior travelling. The grilled door design also functions as ventilation, you can also find vent openings on both sides and the back, in this way, the air can flow freely, keeping your cat comfortable inside.

Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Catit Cabrio Airline Approved Cat Carrier

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