Cat Mate Pet Fountain helps to keep your pet hydrated while you are away. Providing adequate water to your pet is important part to keep its health and vitality, therefore, having a pet fountain that encourages your pet to drink more would be a great addition in your house. This unit features dual height drinking levels, perfect for cat and small dog, they can share the water in harmony. What makes it attractive to your pet? Well, the unique water movement maximizes the appeal to make your pet gets closer, it also ensures the water is oxygenated throughout the day.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The pump of Cat Mate Pet Fountain works quietly while providing constant flow of fresh water to your pet, it can accommodate up to 2 litre of water. The bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. We highly recommend you to replace the water once a week to avoid any build up of lime scale.

When you’ve done your homework researching different pet fountains in the market, you’ll come to the same conclusion that this product is one of those with no noise and easy to clean features. The filters are not that expensive, so, it won’t break your bank when it’s time to replace it. The other advantage is the long electrical lead, some people consider this very hand as they sometimes don’t need to unplug it for cleaning. Cheap products are usually not the best, but this unit offers reasonable price and works as advertised. Many customers were a bit sceptical at first about the noise, but once they got their hands on this unit, they realize they just got best value product for their money.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

There’s a useful hint that we happen to know when we are browsing around to get in-dept knowledge about this fountain. It seems that when you place this unit near cat’s food, your cat might not drink it, this is because of their built-in instinct to stay away from water which is located next to their food, because the water might be contaminated by dead remains.

Where to buy Cat Mate Pet Fountain?

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