In winter, you can install Canac Cat’s Cradle near a radiator to provide your cat with a perfect warm spot to relax. It’s safe and comfortable, the mould shape has been especially designed to offer additional comfort to your feline friend. You can try browse around for radiator beds, this bed would be one of great candidates in your list. This one is wide fitting model that fits over a double radiator, very strong and stable for a fully grown small cat. Cats usually love flying leaps, they can land safely on this cradle without much wobble, even the fleece cover is soft and cosy (machine washable).

Canac Cat's Cradle

It’s a hammock that provides a great sleeping place for your cat, even when the radiator is off, your cat would still enjoy sleeping on a bed raised off the ground. This model is able to support a weight up to 12kgs, so it’s safe to say it’s a great place for 2 fully grown small cats.

We can tell that this cradle is an innovative product, designed by cat lovers. The cover is so soft even though it’s made from simulated sheepskin. Just in case your dog gets jealous, your dog can also fit in it. Due to its size, we recommend that you use this unit for small to medium sized cats. You might find cheaper products in the market, but usually it’s flimsy, this unit won’t disappoint you. The quality is excellent value, cat loves it, in fact, your cat might rarely leave the cradle.

Canac Cat's Cradle

Where to buy Canac Cat’s Cradle?
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