Decorate your garden with Blagdon Affinity Octagon Pond, you can listen the sound of trickling water or watching your fish peacefully swim around in it. You can add life to your garden without having to deal with the hassle and mess as regular fish ponds, tempting offer isn’t it? This unique pond offers portable plug and play fish pond for any English courtyard, larger garden, patios, deck, or just any stable and solid surface, you can set this unit easily in just less than 2 hours.

Blagdon Affinity Octagon Pond

Everything you need will be included within each purchase. Simply fit all panels together and use screws to place everything in the right position, so no digging required here.

Blagdon Affinity Octagon PondBlagdon Affinity Octagon Pond features all-in-one pump and filter system to keep the water clean and fresh in order to maintain the health of your fish. You’ll enjoy beautiful and sooth fountain display along with unique mood lighting that switches on automatically in the evening, so all you have to do is sit, relax and enjoy. The rattan design is weatherproof and rustproof, basically it’s a low maintenance fish pond. It measures 100cm (width) x 100cm (length) x 60cm (height) and weights about 10 kg.

Blagdon Affinity Octagon Pond Kit includes:
• PE (polyethylene that’s long lasting and durable) rattan panels, shatter proof PVC windows
• Fibre reinforced liner
• Low-voltage all-in-one pump and filter
• Nightime LED spotlight
• A planting basket
• 3 fountain display options
• Water conditioner / filter starter
• Green water treatments
• Window cleaner pads
• Rust-proof aluminium frame
• Installation guide

Blagdon Affinity Octagon Pond

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