Copper Finish Illuminating Solar Powered Bird Feeder is a beautiful bird feeder that takes advantage of sun’s energy through its solar panels to light itself up during evenings. This feeder comes with chain and hook for easy hanging, it looks glowing on your backyard or front porch, in the morning, you can fill it by simply lifting the lid and pour the bird seed to invite all wild birds having breakfast. It’s really stunning and attractive feeder in pewter finish, even when you don’t have birds around, it would still be a beautiful garden ornament. Everyone keeps saying how gorgeous this feeder is, a perfect gift for everyone who has garden or loves wild birds.

Copper Finish Illuminating Solar Powered Bird Feeder

Don’t worry if after a few days, birds still too shy to use it, it takes awhile for them to approach your beautiful feeder. But if your backyard or garden usually has birds around, it probably takes less than a week for them to start eating from the feeder. By day, you would love seeing those birds surrounding this unit and by night, it becomes a beautiful glowing light.

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