Ball foot bird feeder is a nice long-legged feeder with umbrella top to protect your avian friends from both the sun and the rain, it also helps keeping the food dry. Its design is pretty unique and we can assure you it’s squirrel-proof. Simply place this in the garden, this hand-made bird feeder is quiet stable with its dimensions of 1750mm (H) x 900mm (W).

Checkout the images below, as you can see, in good weather, sunny and warm, you can close the umbrella and let those birds hangout, chirping to each other while enjoying their food. Squirrels can’t jump to steal the food, so at least you know only birds use this feeder. You can use variety of food to attract variety of birds as well, especially if you live near the wood. Enjoy your morning with the sound of wild birds chirping, who wouldn’t love that?

Ball Foot Bird Feeder With Umbrella Top

Ball Foot Bird Feeder With Umbrella Top

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