Arden Grange has been known as a company that produces premium hypoallergenic dog food in UK, that’s why we’d like to recommend Arden Grange Adult Lamb and Rice Dog Food to you. It is made from human grade chicken, lamb, and beef, great protein source of your furry friend, especially small or medium sized adult dogs since the size of the kibble is pretty small. The primary ingredient is the best parts of meadow-reared lamb, ideally for dogs with normal level of exercise. There are no artificial colourings, flavouring, or preservatives involved, each product is ethically produced in UK. Available in sizes of 2kg, 6kg, or 12kg version.

Arden Grange Adult Lamb and Rice Dog Food

This dog food is also great for dogs with sensitive tummy, you’ll notice your dog is fitter and its poop feels solid and easy to collect. In order to be healthy, it doesn’t mean your dog have to eat a lots of food, with Arden Grange Adult Lamb and Rice Dog Food, a good cup twice a day would be enough to keep your furry pal at the ideal weight and healthy. Yes, this brand might not be the cheapest dog food on the market, but it delivers great quality, it’s not the most expensive either, so it’s worth the price.

Where to buy Arden Grange Adult Lamb and Rice Dog Food?

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