Keep your dog warm in colder weather with Ancol Diamond Quilt Dog Coat. This coat has been especially designed to trap warm air and body heat to provide warmth to your dog, a great insulation for cold weather. It features showerproof properties, a safety reflective to keep your dog visible at night, Velcro straps, and elasticated leg straps. You can choose available sizes from : S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The attractive design makes your dog looks stylish in it, great product for your dog and great value for your money, we highly recommend this coat if you’re looking for one to keep your dog warm.

I really wish it comes in more color options, such as green, yellow or pink along with high visibility reflective stripe, in this way, your dog would be easy to see from a distance. If your dog could talk, he would say how cozy and comfortable this coat is, excellent quality, very good value for your money. Some people are having trouble in put on and off the coat to their dogs, but you won’t be dealing with the same issue here. Many people mention how easy to put on and take off the coat so, we believe, you would do the same.

Ancol Diamond Quilt Dog Coat

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