Ancol Combat Play Tunnel is a 130cm attractive tunnel to keep your cat entertained when left alone. The tunnel is made of strong material, it handles your cat rough play pretty well. We are pretty sure your cat would love jumping in and out the holes or hide as if he or she could ambush other creatures (or even to surprise you). Keeping this toy when not in use is easy breeze, simply fold it down into a compact size for easy storage. We highly recommend this toy to keep your cat entertained at home.

Ancol Combat Play Tunnel

Once you setup this tunnel, your cat would instantly love this lair and using it to keep all his toys, the crinkly bits at the end of the tunnel are so irresistible for cat. You’ll be watching your cat runs through this tunnel, and he really enjoys it, it’s like hide and seek game. This is a great entertainment for at-home cats, even for a large cat, this tunnel still offers plenty of space. You can also play together with your cat, throw toys into the holes and your cat would jump chasing it. Although the size is pretty huge, but just like we said above, you can fold it flat when not in use.

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